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Contact Indian Embassy in Kuwait

Contact Embassy

Diplomatic Enclave, Arabian Gulf Street
P.O. Box 1450, Safat-13015, Kuwait

Phone:22530600 , 22530612 - 14
Fax:22546958, 22571192, 22573910,22573902

History of Indian Embassy in Kuwait

The Embassy of India, Kuwait

Following the independence of Kuwait in June 1961, the Government of India was represented in Kuwait by a Trade Commissioner and thereafter by a Consul General. The representation was upgraded to an Embassy in 1962.

Available records indicate that the Embassy of India was first housed near the Bader Mulla Gardens in Dasma. In 1975, the Embassy of India moved to Building No. 34, Istiqlal Street, Bneid Al-Gar. It remained there until August 1992. Since September 1992, the Embassy is located in Block-5, Building-1, Diplomatic Enclave, Arabian Gulf Street, Daeya Area, Kuwait. The Embassy of India’s postal address is Embassy of India, Diplomatic Enclave, Arabian Gulf Street, PO Box No. 1450-Safat, 13015-Kuwait.

The Embassy of India complex is built on a 4000 Square Meter plot in the Diplomatic Enclave, Arabian Gulf Street, Safat, Kuwait. The land was taken over in 1974, the foundation stone of the complex laid in 1988, construction completed in 1990-91, and the Embassy started functioning from the location in September 1992. The Indian architects of the project are M/s Sabikhi and Choudhury Private Limited.

Overlooking the Arabian Gulf, the Embassy of India complex is an easily recognizable landmark of Kuwait City. The Embassy building and residences and the surrounding boundary wall have been clad with Agra Red sandstone brought from India. Its silhouetted bastions and overall design evoke memories of the world-famous Red Forts at Delhi and Agra.

As per available records, Mr. P.L. Sinai was the Acting Trade Commissioner from November 5, 1961 – December 26, 1961, while Mr. R. Axel Khan was Consul General/Charge D’Affaires from November 12, 1962 – January 29, 1965

The following have been the Ambassadors of India to Kuwait:
Ambassador Tenure
H.E. Mr. S.K. Choudhary October 1968 – January 1971
H.E. Mr. V.A. Kidwai March 1971 – February 1974
H.E. Mr. R. Axel Khan April 30, 1974 – January 16, 1977
H.E. Mr. Giteshwar Raj March 10, 1977 – October 1979
H.E. Mr. S.J.S. Chhatwal October 1979 – October 1982
H.E. Mr. Prem Shunker November 1982 – March 1984
H.E. Mr. N.N. Jha October 1984 – September 1989
H.E. Mr. A.K. Budhiraja October 1989 – July 1991 (Nov 1990 – Jul 1991 in india)
H.E. Mr. Prem Singh August 1991 – July 1995
H.E. Mr. B.M.C. Nayar August 1995 - September 1998
H.E. Mr. Prabhu Dayal September 1998 – December 2001
H.E. Mr. Swashpawan Singh January 6, 2002 – October 30, 2005
H.E. Mr. M. Ganapathi January 5, 2006 – August 29, 2008
H.E. Mr. Ajai Malhotra March 8, 2009 - May 2, 2011
H.E. Mr. Satish C. Mehta since July 24, 2011

Embassy of India in Kuwait - Working Hours

Embassy of India - Working Hours Embassy Holidays

TIMINGS: 0830 to 1700 hrs (SUNDAY - THURSDAY)

Consular Section - Working Hours

0730 to 1200 hrs
1400 to 1530 hrs
0745 to 1300 hrs
1400 to 1600 hrs
* Normally 45 minutes after
submission of document
PASSPORT Please visit for Timing and Location
Following is the list of Holidays to be observed by
the Embassy of India, Kuwait during the year 2011
S.No. Holiday Date Day of the Week
1 Republic Day January 26 Wednesday
2 Milad - un- Nabi February 16 Wednesday
3 National Day of Kuwait February 25 Friday
4 Liberation Day of Kuwait February 26 Saturday
5 Maha Shiv Ratri March 2 Wednesday
6 Holi March 20 Sunday
7 Birthday of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar April 14 Thursday
8 Mahavir Jayanthi April 16 Saturday
9 Independence Day August 15 Monday
10 Janmashtami (Vaisnava) August 22 Monday
11 Idu' Fitr August 31 Wednesday
12 Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday October 2 Sunday
13 Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami) October 6 Thursday
14 Diwali October 26 Wednesday
15 Idu'l Zuha ( Bakrid) November 7 Monday
16 Guru Nanak's Birthday November 10 Thursday
17 Muharram December 6 Tuesday
18 Christmas Day December 25 Sunday

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for Kuwait

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Kuwait has informed all diplomatic Missions in Kuwait procedure for getting a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) for submission to concerned authorities in Kuwait -

  • For Indian nationals coming from India, PCC should be issued by the concerned police authorities from the State, duly attested by the Home Department of the State and thereafter by the Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi/Branch Secretariat functioning on behalf of Ministry of External Affairs and Kuwaiti Embassy/Consulate in India. In case, the applicant is coming to Kuwait from a third country, the PCC should be obtained from concerned local authorities, duly attested by local Foreign Office and the Kuwaiti Mission in that country.

  • In case of residence permits under article 14 (temporary residence permit for working with the Kuwaiti Government on temporary contracts) and under Article 18, 19, 20, 22 (dependent visa for those who are 18 years of age and above) and Article 24, two documents are to be submitted as mentioned below :

(i) PCC issued by the concerned authorities as mentioned above and the same should not be issued more than 3 months before the time of his/her entry in Kuwait.

(ii) Finger Print Report issued by the Directorate General for Criminal Evidence within three months of arrival in Kuwait.


You need Acrobat reader to download these forms. Download here
Form No NAME OF THE PASSPORT SERVICE Fee (Kuwaiti Dinar) KD Form
1 New Passport for 10 Years (after expiry of the term of the old passport) 12.250 Click to Download
Jumbo Passport (60 pages) 15.300
New Passport for Minor 7.650
1A New Passport (new passport in lieu of expired passport) Click to Download
1B New Passport with Change of Name (Major) 12.250 Click to Download
1C Passport for New Born Baby 17.000 Click to Download
1D New Passport with Change of Name (Minor) 7.650 Click to Download
1E New Passport in Lieu of Damage/Lost Passport 38.250 Click to Download
2 Miscellaneous Services:
3.100 Click to Download
2A Addition of Spouse’s Name 6.350 Click to Download
3 Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR) 3.100 Click to Download
3A Application Form for Emergency Certificate 1.550 Click to Download
4 Affidavit for Recent Photograph 3.250 Click to Download
5 Affidavit for Sponsorship 3.250 Click to Download
6 Affidavit for Marriage 6.500 Click to Download
7 Specimen Affidavit to be Declared/Affirmed by Parents of the Minor 3.250 Click to Download
8 Affidavit for Life Certificate Gratis Click to Download
9 Affidavit for Transfer of Residence Rule 3.250 Click to Download
10 Bachelor/Spinster Affidavit 6.500 Click to Download
11 Affidavit for Emergency Leave 3.250 Click to Download
12 Profession Affidavit 6.500 Click to Download
13 Registration of Death of an Indian National Gratis Click to Download
14 Affidavit for Driving License 6.500 Click to Download


Relationship Affidavite


Click to Download

15 A Relationship Affidavite (multiple) 6.500 Click to Download
16 Procedure for attestation of Bonafide Certificate 6.500 Click to Download
17 Correction of Name 6.250 Click to Download
General Power of Attorney Click to Download Instructions and Sample of General Power of Attorney
  • One signatory
  • Two signatory
Attestation of Translation (per page) 3.250 Click to Download
Attestation of Degree 3.250 Click to Download
Attestation of Commercial Documents 15.300 Click to Download
General Attestation of Documents (per page) 3.250 Click to Download


1. In accordance with directions of Local Government for extension of residency of the spouse/children staying/studying in India in recognized educational institutions, the educational documents are to be notarized in India, before they are presented to the Embassy of India for service.

2. The attestation of medical certificates/documents issued by private hospitals/doctors in India, required in connection with extension/regularization of leave in Kuwait for self / dependents, need to be first attested by Health Ministry / Home Department of concerned State, before they are presented to the Embassy of India for service.

3. In the case of passport issued by other PIA's ( Passport Issuing Authorities in India, PP forms ( personal particulars forms ) are required to be submitted in duplicate.

4. Warning: It is an offence to knowingly furnish false information or to suppress material information when applying for Passport/Visa/Consular services.

Consular services seekers may please note that bags and briefcases are not allowed in the Embassy premises.


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Right to Information for Citizens of India

Under the Act, Shri H.K. Mohan, First Secretary, Tel: 22562151; Fax: 22525811; email: will be the Appellate Authority.

Shri D.N. Dutta, Second Secretary, Tel: 22523304; Fax: 22571192; email: will be the Public Information Officer.

Please note that the Right to Information under the provisions of the RTI Act is available to the citizens of India only.

Embassy of India, Kuwait

Information about the Embassy of India, Kuwait, as required under Section 4(1)(b) of the RTI Act, 2005